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Special Forces Raid CIA Run Server Facility in Germany ~ Seize US Election Servers

by Erik Barath – 11/29/20

Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Lt. General Michael Flynn gave interviews yesterday to WVW Broadcasting Network. It was Flynn’s first interview since his pardon.

In a stunning testimony,  McInerney stated his sources have told him U.S. Special Forces, (possibly the famed Delta Force),  raided the CIA-Run Server Farm in Frankfurt, Germany.

5 soldiers were killed in the ensuing firefight, as well as one CIA paramilitary.  The CIA Personnel were allegedly flown in from Afghanistan for security, according to reports.

A subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, who will be shown to have won an overwhelming victory for the American People, McInerney revealed.

McInerney also stated that he believes President  Trump knew of “the steal” that was coming, hence his Executive Order issued for sanctions for interference  in our elections by foreign powers.

Reports are now circulating that General Flynn is involved in helping the President with a private Intelligence operation.

This is an evolving story.

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  1. This info can be sent via email and I msg etc…but will not post to fb! ?
    Are those factcheckers out in force again??

  2. this has been a coup for the last 4 yrs in my opinion..trump should enact the insurection act and all the top heads at the fbi’doj cia who are responsible be arrested along with treasonist dems’media’newspaper’social media’and any of the conspirators who are found guilty and should have a military court trial..from day 1 this has been going on.why why its has to be people are in the mix with soros ‘china’and others to turn this country into a socialist new world order controlled by the united nations.if this plot succeeds people its the end of what we love about this great country.

  3. I pray it’s true but I’m leery of anything involving any agency. Special Forces involved? IF the thing happened, what side ordered it? That’s the key to me…..”investigations” by the FBI, DOJ ought to mean something but do they? We ought to be hearing about this more. Will it all be unpacked in front of the Supreme Court by Sydney Powell, Guilliani, Ted Cruz? I don’t know. Give updates please. From another angle, I don’t think the majority of people, which are the ones who voted for Trump are going to lay down if they try to pull a bait & switch right after the election & put some worse Commie sidewinder in the mix. Fraudulent election, then a takeover like that? My mind can’t play that out somehow without a lot of bloodshed that we would not start.

  4. I do believe there was a coup attempt but it has NOTHING to do with Russia, China or Iran. This coup is 100% American CIA made.
    Why? Because Trump wants to end the endless wars, pull troops back home and reinvest billions in massive infrastructure projects thst will employ millions of people.
    The military industrial complex, the thousands of “think tank” tapeworms and others sucking off the Pentagon budget don’t like this.
    Blaming Russia, China and Iran is lazy and not backed up by a shred of evidence.

    1. I believe that the CIA was involved with the JFK assignation as well as the murder of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy also. So it’s really not surprising The CIA and the FBI are not even remotely credible any more.. Thank Goodness the Military is behind President Trump… Now if this all gets proven then let the defunded police make a whole lot of arrest in Washington and the people who run the states in question. I know NYS is just as guilty no way Trump lost NY.

    2. I’m a natural skeptic who is forced to fight my own skepticism at times and this is one of those times. I believe your opinion to be as sound an opinion I’ve ever heard . Bravo sir tell me more

    3. General McInerney wouldn’t say it if not true. China has infiltrated DEEP in Congress, business, universities & the CIA!

      1. So true… yet I still was contacted by the fact checkers (NewsGuard) trying to get me to retract the statement. Nope, not gonna happen.

  5. So where are the Frankfurt servers now? And what are the next steps? I know the saying that it’s darkest before the dawn. But the frustration over the blatantly obvious vote fraud, the media anointing Biden, driving me nuts. I just pray this all comes out for ALL of America, even the leftists, to see very soon.

  6. I believe this is all true and correct. I don’t see a reason for the actors to make up lies here. Furthermore, there’s always a strategy in letting out a little truth at a time. Of course McInerney and Sidney Powell are telling the truth! Why would they make this all up? But the timing and quantity of truth-telling are strategic. Is anyone surprised that we hear the deniers now? I’d be losing it right now if I were on the wrong side.

  7. It’s been five days, why no update to this story? Is hard to believe that six actors were shot/killed and nothing had leaked yet?

  8. Special Forces fighting CIA paramilitary? What does that say about what’s going on in Our Country…

  9. I wonder IF, when the President says the vaccine will be delivered in 2 weeks, if that is actually the EYE of the STORM…. I wonder if that will be “suicide weekend”. I wonder…. So many questions… and watching to see what comes next… a movie it is… I pray for all our people… whatever their capacity. I pray especially for our President and First Lady, Barron and the family, and Sydney, and all those who are working to make America Great again. I am also having to fight the urge, when all the truth start falling, to not say… “I told you so!” to so many people who have distanced them selves from me, because I am the Conspiracy Nut! LOL… Praying I will have grace, and show mercy… That human part of me, is not all that pretty!

    1. It’s great to be forgiving and let bygones be bygones in most cases, but I see it much differently at this point in time. I consider those that have hurled the false characterizations, condone censorship, doxxing, cancel culture, verbal attacks, and the sheer ignorance for not doing their research, are an absolute enemy to me and America, and should be dealt with accordingly. I just told a lifelong friend that there’s nothing more to talk about and for him to leave my property and never return. He’s very fortunate that he did leave, because this good guy is capable of doing very bad things. There will be no mercy on my part, only retribution.

    2. I am watching a Chess game and Trump is ahead of the pack! I take the game off of the board.

    3. Bless your heart! I am in the same shoes with some of my friends and sadly, my husband is still hooked on CNN, believing their lies. I have to admit that I was a Dem myself until 2016 and when I searched the truth, I found myself in disbelief just how blind I was for so many years. It was like waking up from a coma. Praying for our country is about all we can do…for now!

      1. Good for you Sylvia!! I have 3 grown children. Two are awake & one is totally in with the left. I pray she will wake up like you have. She’s very intelligent but very brainwashed, & lives in Seattle. She grew up in the South.

    1. The Democratic party should be disbanded and in court and be tried for treason for attempting to take over the United States and the government and for a coop for taking over the president commander chief locate all the Democrats involved and put them into a military Tribune and find everyone involved in jail them

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