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The Deep State Finds Themselves Corralled
And There Is No Escape 

By JoLynn Live
Sept. 26, 2020

X22 Report  (C-VINE Vetted) 

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Everything the Deep State puppets have tried to do is not working! They are finding themselves corralled and there is no escape.

Patriots have the paper trail, the documentation, the criminal investigation and they have proof of crimes against humanity. Timing and optics are very important.

Patriots could not just go and arrest everybody. Those who are still asleep would not have understood. Declassified information had to be released slowly and methodically so those who were asleep could wake to understanding.

During the time when the Patriots were removing all of the barriers, removing the crooked FBI, DOJ and CIA officials, they were also removing corrupt judges, ambassadors, and terrorists. While they were doing this, the Deep State was doing their best to get rid of Trump; impeach, defame, tag him to Russian collusion, bring lawsuits, lie and even attempt to assassinate him. The more idiocy they pushed at him, the more of their barriers, he removed. Smart guy!

He knows what the DS has done.  He knows who the players are.  They spied on a duly elected president and also attempted a coup against him. They tried to impeach him.  His administration followed the rule of law and it’s just a matter of time before the DS goes down.   They know their very lives are at stake. 

  • Recently, Nancy Pelosi was going to impeach the president if he followed the Constitution. Now, she has changed her mind saying it’s not worth the trouble. A President cannot be impeached while he is following the Constitution. He didn’t break any rules or laws. Why did she originally think she could impeach the president for nominating a Supreme Court Justice?


  • The DS is trying to sway the people by name-dropping celebrities, generals and former military who are saying they back Joe Biden.  The media really did not do themselves any favors. What they DID do is point out to the world who the Swamp Creatures are.  Not a brilliant move! The Swamp is backing Biden because they don’t want to go to prison.  Patriots are backing Trump because they want Law & Order!


  • The Hill reported the Obamas are the “most admired” man and woman in the world. Was that a vote of one? We believe this timing is for a reason. When Joe Biden gets too ‘ill’ to continue running for office, will Michelle replace him? Will Hillary replace Kamala Harris? BHO’s text a few days ago said, ‘Text me, I want to know what you think about voting.’ Now we learn they are the most admired man and woman in the world. Will Michelle be a replacement so BHO can continue covering up his crimes?

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report

  • John Legend and Chrissy Teigan apparently are thinking if Trump is re-elected, they should leave the country. In 2016 for many celebrities, it was all talk. Perhaps they thought the DS would remove Trump. This time, some will take the easy path and exit early. What does this mean?


  • How do we know the DS is panicking? Lisa Page said, “I’m scared. But it’s a new day. And this is America. We can do anything.”   Why is she scared? Did all the information come out?  Mike Coudrey tweeted out, “A large caché of confidential foreign documents have just been leaked implicating Joe Biden, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Mifsud’s collusion and possible criminal activity in Ukraine.   Poreshenko (Ukraine’s President) asked me to resign due to pressure from the US Presidential administration, in particular from Joe Biden, who was the US Vice President. Biden was threatening to withhold USD $1 billion in subsidies to Ukraine until I was removed from office.” We know this is true by Biden’s own admission on video! All of this is coming out!


  • Twenty-seven phones connected to the Mueller investigation were just magically wiped. William Barnett, the FBI case agent on the Flynn probe told investigators that other agents who worked on the Mueller team overheard other agents comically talked about wiping the phones. Was this a cover-up? What really gets someone in the end…the crime or the cover-up? Doesn’t the NSA have all this data?


  • Comey and McCabe knew there was nothing against Trump but they moved ahead to get rid of him. They tried to cover up any irregularities. Now, the cover-up is eating them alive, and they are panicked!   Dec. 2016, Strzok orderd the closing of the Flynn case. January 2017, Strzok orders the Flynn case to remain open.  It wasn’t kept open for the Russian investigation, but rather for a suspected Logan Act violation.  Isn’t that what John Kerry did? What about Barack Obama when he trailed the President overseas? Instead, they targeted Flynn even though there was nothing there!

Kim Strassel, Columnist for the Wall Street Journal sent out consecutive tweets with this shocking report:

  1. BREAKING, per
    and extraordinary. So Christopher Steele’s main source for the dossier? He was the subject of a nearly two-year long FBI counter-intel investigation (2009-2011), under suspicion of being a Russian spy and a “threat to national security.”

  2. Early in Obama admin, subsource “reportedly attempted to recruit two individuals connected to an influential foreign policy advisor” to Obama. Said if they got jobs in the administration and access to classified information, he could help them “make a little extra money.”

  3. FBI says he had previously contact with the Russian Embassy and Russian intelligence officers. Thanks to

    @paulsperry_ we know the name of this subsource, and that he for a period at this time at Brookings, Democratic think tank.

  4. But here’s the real kicker, per these documents out from
    @LindseyGrahamSCThe FBI KNEW about this prior CI investigation into the source in DECEMBER OF 2016. It KNEW it was relying on information from a suspected Russian spy!

  5. The same FBI said to be concerned about Russian interference in election, was using information from a suspected Russian spy to probe a presidential campaign. The same FBI claiming Carter Page a Russian agent, was making that case based on info from a suspected Russia agent.

  6. Most importantly: It never told the FISA court about this CI investigation. It withheld that information and continued re-upping its applications to surveil Page and the campaign. It vouched for information supplied by a suspected Russian agent.

  7. The name of this subsource, and the realization of the FBI’s prior suspicions, should have ended the entire probe. Instead the FBI doubled down, hid things from the court, kept going. This again raises urgent need to know who knew what, and when.

  8. And people wonder why
    #Durham is looking into all this? Also, extra-credit question: Wasn’t it Mueller’s job to find sources of Russian disinformation? How do you miss the guy potentially feeding it directly to the FBI?

  9. Finally, big credit here to AG Bill Barr and
    @LindseyGrahamSC for their commitment to truth and transparency. Americans deserve to know what happened before they vote.

Look what has just been released! What do you think Durham will do with this information?

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report

  • Can you imagine that the FBI asked the FISA Court for a warrant to spy on Carter Page and Trump because they might be Russian spies? Then they told the Court their source is a suspected Russian spy. What? So, the only Russian collusion was with Clinton, the Democrats, the primary sub-source of the Steele Dossier and it was not with Trump! Why didn’t Mueller catch on to this… or did he?


  • Now with what Barnett released, it reveals the misconduct of the prosecutor. Everyone knew the truth but they continued to target General Flynn. Now we need to investigate the investigators which is underway, and to prosecute the corrupt prosecutors. No wonder they want to get rid of Trump!


  • Trump, during the heart of the pandemic brought out an expert who has done experiments saying the virus only lives on surfaces for seconds (not minutes, hours nor days) due to humidity, sunlight, etc. When they were saying not to touch anything, we now know we most likely won’t catch the virus in this way.


  • More then 300 people are now facing federal charges for violence in cities across the country, says the DOJ. The information states there are 29 states and the District of Columbia, will be facing federal charges related to wide-range of crimes.  People are waking up and are seeing clearly and understand what the DS was doing.


  • Information warfare is what we are in right now. All the main social media platforms have come together to create one definition of hate speech. Once they do this, if you are banned on one place, you will be banned on the others. They are preparing to censor everyone who does not align with their belief system.


  • ‘Trump $500B, Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as ‘Terrorist organizations.’ The plan calls for making lynching a national hate crime.’   Now, hasn’t the media been saying Trump loves the KKK? How can he then designate the KKK as a terrorist organization? Could it be that the media has been lying to the public? Could it be Trump never liked nor agreed with the KKK? Seems like the media is backed into a corner. How will they spin this one? Who founded and financially funded these two organizations? Why didn’t Obama declare the KKK a terrorist organization? Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Senator Byrd. Wasn’t he the high-ranking guy in the KKK?


  • Treason, Sedition, Crimes Against Humanity, Clinton Foundation, Human Trafficking etc., are all being investigated.


  • Judgement is coming! The DS is pointing fingers at each other. How high does this corruption go?  Will Michelle be brought in at the last minute? Patriots are now going after the Deep State. Trust the plan. Timing is everything!

‘The X22 Report gives current political daily news.
Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

Opinion: JoLynn Live, C-VINE Contributor (Based on the opinion and reports of the X22 Report)

JoLynn Live

News Posted by: C-VINE Citizen Journalist, JoLynn Live! She is a Singer; a Wife of 36 years; Home-school mom to 10; Grandma to 11; Chicken Farmer; Patriot; and an active C-VINE News contributor.