This post is for those who are new to the Patriot “Great Awakening” movement and who may not know what the Q phenomena is, and who may not understand the most recent Q posts. To summarize:

The “White Hats” (Initially Patriots who have the power and influence, mostly within our military and government) recognized the corruption and evilness that is so entrenched in our government. To uproot the corruption and evilness (Black Hats), they needed to install a Patriot with the same goal. They had two options: 1. Retake the Government forcefully by installing a Patriot leader by staging a coup. Or 2. Retake the Government legally by installing a like-minded Patriot leader to be voted in by the People. The White Hats chose the second option and that is why they chose President Trump to lead the nation, root out the corrupt and evil element of our government (drain the swamp) and instill the rule of law based on the principles of our Founding Fathers.

The White Hats undertook a military operation to accomplish this goal. The military operation included THE PLAN to save our country and world from the clutches of evil (FREEDOM). This plan includes a public information program to disseminate the TRUTH and so the Q movement was started. Currently THE PLAN is being executed with military precision and timing, even down to the seconds at times.

Q or Q Team (believed to be a handful of high-ranking military operatives) has been disseminating information (TRUTH) initially through 4chan now 8chan imageboard websites free of censorship, known as Q drops. So as not to violate laws regarding national secrets, Q drops are sent in somewhat cryptic fashion, which with a little bit of research, can be deciphered. Q followers will know military intelligence and news or events MONTHS before the MSM get the news.

Since THE PLAN is a military operation, it includes Psychological operations (PSYOP). The Q Team knows the deep state also monitors these Q drops so sometimes, Q puts out DISINFORMATION which are PSYOP to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. Disinformation is necessary sometimes as it creates panic and confusion for the enemy (PANIC in DC).

Q will sometimes post Placeholders, which are used to demonstrate the credibility and reliability of Q and THE PLAN. Placeholders (often posted as short abbreviations) will signal things that are planned and will happen (NOT PREDICTIONS). When these events listed on the Placeholders do happen, it will demonstrate events didn’t occur by happenstance, but by the precision planning and execution of the Q team and military. It is mathematically impossible to attribute these numerous “PREDICTIONS” to chance, thereby proves legitimacy of Q and THE PLAN.

The public information campaign was intended to educate and awaken the masses. Once a certain level of education had been accomplished, THE PLAN was to duplicate the process and have Citizen Patriots continue to educate and awaken the masses. We the People are part of THE PLAN to share the TRUTH. General Flynn has called awoken Patriots – Digital Solders and Citizen Journalist. Q has said “We are the news now” or “You are the news now.” WE ARE DIGITAL WARRIORS. WE ARE WHITE HATS!

So when Q posts “Get Ready” and posts previously posted Placeholders, You can rest assured these events will occur in the near future. Enjoy the show!!!


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