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THE STORM: Saving the Children From The Hands of Evil

Today’s News – April 24, 2020
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Enough!  There are sick and evil people in high office – who do unimaginable evil to children.  They will be rounded up and brought to justice. The children are being saved.

Please watch this video!

VIDEO:  The Storm is upon us – Save the children

Video:  2:16 minutes

Bonnie Nirgude’
As a citizen journalist and investigative reporter, I am committed to accurately reporting the news. Wide awake, never asleep, I grew up in a 1960’s patriotic household, aware of the truth behind the false narrative.

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  1. God bless the rescuers of these horribly abused children! ❣️??❤️ earth?s❣️ Tortured, sexually traumatized, many murdered, many sold to elitist, wealthy, Perverted ??? who will be judged by our Creator ‼️ Epstein left behind an array of videos of Politicians, Elitists, Royals, Hollywood famous, the names of these will shock your sensibilities??? There are many invisible wars taking place on Planet EARTH. ??❤️?? ??❤️???❤️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️


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