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RedPill78: Epic Trump Proof, Adm. Rogers Clue, Mueller Redactions Revealed?

April 28, 2019
Nothing like having your president confirm Q in a Yuge way!
~  Rep. Gohmert/Barr Hearings: “Rather than hoax, I think a better word would be projecting.  It’s what Clinton made famous … They’re the ones that had the Russian conspiracy to try to take down Trump.”
Projection was a game plan by Clinton and the Democrats. When asked if it would come up in the Hearings this week, Gohmert replied, “You bet it will”.
~  AG Barr warns House Dems he may not appear at Hearings this week – Nadler threatens subpoena.
~  The Clover Chronicle:  Redacted portions of Robert Mueller’s Report are much more interesting than you think – Ruth Bader Ginsberg?!  Fake news?  Things get a bit too bizarre for me – sorry !
~  Admiral Rogers:  “Knowing what we know now…” and “How are we going to deal with this?” Qanon.
~  Guantanamo Bay admiral fired due to “loss of confidence”.  Additional detainees will be coming into Gitmo before too long.
~  Obama urged Biden not to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016.
~  IRS gives Satanic temple tax-exempt status, but blocked Conservative and Pro-America groups for years.  There is something seriously wrong with the unelected bureaucrats in government.
~  Kamala Harris:  Conservative Chicana confronts her at airport for exploiting Hispanic children.(VIDEO)

Bonnie Nirgude’, Citizen Journalist for C-Vine Network News

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